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Discover the historical beauty of Augsburg with the UNESCO World Heritage Site and hear extraordinary stories about the Fugger and Welser families.

Fuggerei Augsburg
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Rathausplatz 1, 86150 Augsburg
5 minutes walk

Choose between flexible and personal city tours and explore Augsburg on your own time, day or night.

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Moritzplatz Augsburg
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Dominikanergasse 18, 86150 Augsburg
3 minutes walk

Navigate the landmarks of the city and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in a unique and fun way.

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UNESCO World Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage Site "Augsburg Water Management System" is unique. It is an extraordinary mixture of objects with technical-historical and art-historical significance which, in addition, are all linked to the technological achievements of hydraulic engineering, the sustainable use of hydropower and the resource-saving separation of drinking and process water.

Martin Augbsurger/City of Augsburg

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